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If you know of any other Sponsoring Organization that would be interested in participating in an Art For Cause Now Auction, let us know!

Art for Cause Now has been established to promote and raise funds for non-profit humanitarian or philanthropic organizations established for the betterment of mankind in a number of areas including disaster relief, education and rehabilitation, environment, health, medicine and international peace.

We are seeking reputable organizations that are proven to be effective and trustworthy, through personal contacts or such establishments like the American Institute of Philanthropy. We are looking to share a vision of evolving as a race, and healing the planet as well as ourselves. 

Our potential sponsors are credible and transparent , while Art for Cause Now also assures full disclosure and allocation of all PROFITS to the designated cause. The financial health of the organization is vital for the assurance that all monies donated will be put to efficient and effective use.

Art for Cause Now will adapt the site to each sponsor, set up to serve the sponsor and promote the auction, provide a page about the cause with links to their site and direct donation, with add banners on both sites. The sponsor will send invitations to bring donors to the auction, and promote the auction in whatever way they choose within our agreement. All visitors to the site who register or participate will become part of our data base, with all rights of privacy, only to be used to send invitations to future auctions.

Possible and target sponsors include: Coastline Community College; Real Medicine Foundation ( medical disaster assistance ); Direct Relief International ( top disaster relief, supplies, infastructure); Greenpeace ( environmental activists ); and Pathways to Peace ( international peace building ).

Art for Cause Now aspires to benefit these and many other causes, and sponsorship will enable us to grow to include other artists and contribute to the greater good in an artistic way.


Paintings are always available at the GALLERY PRICE, whether or not there is an auction underway, except those paintings included in the auction which will be awarded to the highest bidder.

Initially, paintings up for auction will start at the MINIMUM BID PRICE (Non-Profits would get 25%.), which is 50% of the GALLERY PRICE.

All PROFITS generated above the MINIMUM BID PRICE will be given to the sponsoring organization.

The MINIMUM BID PRICE of a painting pays the sponsor 10% of the bid, pays the artist for the painting, covers the costs of secure shipping and maintaining Art for Cause Now's website and the postings on eBay.

Art For Cause Now will be using BIDDINGOWL.COM as the platform to auction the paintings. Payments are made through PAYPAL. Once an auction has been completed, the winners of each painting will by requested to pay PAYPAL within a certain amount of time. Once payment is made, painting will be sent to bidder. All PROFITS of a painting would be sent to the Sponsor though PAYPAL.

For a sponsoring organization to be considered by Art For Cause Now, they must have a large email base and / or presence in social media, vital to the success of an auction. Having more people involved in an auction will drive more competition on bidding which will lead to more income for a sponsoring organization. Art for Cause Now will participate in the promotion by collaborating with the sponsor, providing any promotional materials and mail service required to reach the maximum number of potential bidders.

If you have any questions about Art For Cause Now Auctions, please contact us. - Jim Gerrard


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